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Birkenstocks - Birkenstocks Are Not Just for Hippies

Settling down on Friday night with a cheeky Chinese takeaway and a nice bottle of wine, kids tucked up in bed and the whole evening in front of us, my husband and I decided to watch About A Boy on tv starring Hugh Grant and Toni Collette. Collette played the character of a depressed mother to her son (Nicholas Hoult of Skins fame). She was a 'hippie' type who always wore 'earthy' greens and browns and, interestingly, Birkenstocks I noticed. Being a fan of Birkenstocks and seeing her character wearing them made me think that I'd quite like a pair of the Birkenstock Boston clogs in grey felt or wool,

This style is one of my favourite from the whole brand and I even bought my husband a pair a good few years ago as a stylish alternative to slippers. I have had quite a few pairs of Birkenstock sandals in my time and always seem to have at least one pair of regular Birkenstocks that I wear during the warmer months, purely because they're lovely and colourful and they happen to be some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever had. They are so easily slipped on and you forget you're wearing them most of the time because they never hurt your feet or pinch toes or make you sweat or give you blisters. They are the perfect accompaniment to a light summer clothes and they can really brighten up an outfit if you go for the bright reds, pinks or white shades that are available in many of the styles.

The huge choice of styles seems to be expanding I notice as I check out the website at the weekend. I can see many new strappy styles that would look fabulous with a lightly tanned foot and Birkenstocks are always so well cut that they flatter any foot whether it's a hairy manly one or a delicate female one. I am tempted to order one of the most recently launched styles called the Papillio Florida in a leopard print with three slim straps across the front. I've had the Madrid single strap style and the lovely Gizeh in natural suede before and loved the way they looked and felt so I thought I would be a bit more adventurous and go for the fashionable animal print this time to update my wardrobe and add a bit of interest to my footwear. I am now excitedly waiting for them to be delivered and praying that the warmer weather hurries up so I can wear them out!