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Cbs Survivor Tocantins

The next CBS Survivor show is being aired starting on Feburary 12th, and is what everyone has been waiting to view. This reality TV game show has been created and produced from pole-to-pole in all different languages. In America, the show is made up of 16 people who are marooned on either a remote island or in a remote location of the world. Every week the show goes through various types of tournaments for prizes, and ends up with one castaway being booted off the show (island). The executive producer Mark Burnett calls his realty TV series as "nonscripted drama." The next series is titled Survivor Tocantins.

As the title of the series implies, it was filmed in a location somewhere in the state of Tocantins, Bazil. Tocantins is a river that is exactly 2,639 km (1.640 miles) long, and runs from central Brazil to the Para River southwest of Belem. Now as always, the show keeps the very exact location a big secret, so we can only believe that these castaway tribes (contestants) will be setting up camp somewhere along this river.

Tocantins is a gorgeous state, and has some areas that are really stunning! But when this series was filmed, it was extremely hot there. So we can predict that the castaways will be talking about how hot and miserable they are feeling. The location is also known for its tropical storms. In looking at the state, it has a very high desert along with only some trees. However, along the river it is jungle like terrain, which is where are castaways will be setting up camp.

The history of Tocantins is very interesting. It is Brazil's yougest state, having been created in 1988 out of the northern area of Goi?s. The state's main source of income is from their stock-rearing ranches and arable farming. We are sure to see more of this beautiful land as the TV show is aired in February.