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Doubletake Studios Isn't A Scam

Doubletake studios was recommended to me by one of my friends. I don?t usually go to these sorts of things because there is always the worry that it is some sort of scam. But my friend said it was legitimate so I thought that I would give it ago as I?ve never done anything like this before. The reception staff and were really hospitable and treated me nice and kindly when I walked in. They were really lovely girls.

The hair and make up was okay and when I went for my massage the girl used a really light touch as she gave me my treatment. But again everyone was really lovely and I thought the whole make-over experience was great. Really brilliant.

When the makeover was complete I then was taken to the photography studio. I was asked at the end did the photographer make you feel comfortable? I replied ?yes very much so? he even made me giggle a few times in there. This had to be my favourite part of the day for me because I have never let anyone take my picture in this way before and it felt so comfortable, I loved every minute of it.

When I saw the pictures I was amazed at the quality of them they were top class. I?m going to put the pictures up in my house to remind myself I can look good and I?m might give a few prints away to family and friends.