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Green and Orange Space Men Charms From Louis Vuitton

I have no idea whether designer fashion is in meaning equal to that of luxury. But that is the case with LV Designer House. Even a single charm is to weigh down your bank account. Do not believe it? Then let's have a look at the two latest Louis Vuitton Space Men Charms.

Each of them is priced as hefty as 8,700.00 sterling pounds, which is really not a small amount of money nowadays. Actually, the two charms own their inspiration to the travel theme. They are among the flying saucer and rocket charms range. Both of them are decorated with colored stones on the stomach, and feature the LV initials on the back.

The charms are cluttered up with many precious materials. The body is made from 750 thousandths white gold. The charm features the logo of the design house on the front and rear: the stomach is set with colored stones representing Monogram flowers, while the rear features a colored lacquer LV signature. Its limbs are articulated. In fact, the two charms are not the same in every detail. The green one contains 79 diamonds, 1 yellow sapphire, 8 tsavorites and 2 pink sapphires, while the orange one has 79 diamonds, 2 yellow sapphires, 12 pink sapphires and 1 violet sapphire. It is these colored stones and the white gold that worthy its high price.

Being luxurious and adorable, these charms can be attached to a Charm bracelet or pendant. I do not know whether it is affordable for you. But from the investment aspect, it is a wise buying. It is a combination of luxury and art. It is much wise to invest in it than on gold as futures.