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The Book Prada Makes Great Contribution For Prada Brand and Fash

We have heard of the book from Louis Vuitton named Louis Vuitton City Guide 2010, which offers tourists and business travellers an exclusive insight into 40 cities worldwide. Now, the Italian brand Prada entered the book business as well. It just published the book named 'Prada' with the idea of making constant invention.

It is really a great fact that the renowned brand is all about luxury and sophistication. This time, cooperated with designers Michael Rock and Sung Joong Kim of New York City design firm 2×4, Miuccia Prada and Patrizio Bertelli finally conceived and edited the Prada book. The 706-page book covers abundant information of fashion, art, architecture, cinema and communications, presenting the 30 years of innovation. No wonder the chief executive officer of Prada Group Bertelli once said," For Prada, fashion, luxury and style go beyond producing an infinity of clothes and shoes, so the book wants to illustrate the various aspects through which Prada expresses itself."

Michael Rock explained that the book can be broken up into two separate parts, the Inside and the Outside. Prada's history, design and producing process, as well as the catalog the Prada handbags and other products the brand has introduced in the years since Miuccia Prada took over the company's helm are included in the former part. While, The outside part, as the name shows, covers Prada's various activities in the world of commerce and culture, including the Prada Transformer in South Korea, Prada with celebrities in red carpet, and even descriptions by eBay sellers of the Prada objects they are putting up for auction. Besides, there are also some words expressing the architect Rem Koolhaas who lead the Epicenter flagship's setting up.

That is really a book of reviewing the past and expecting the future. The price for that is 100 euros ($150).