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Where to Buy Handbags Online - Spot the Fake

Designer handbags can make a huge difference to the overall look of an outfit, but often we pay a large amount for the privilege. Because of this fact there are many manufacturers that make and sell fake handbags online. Some of these imitations look real at first glance, but if you take a look at the tips below you should be able to spot the fake.

Real designer handbags are usually packed in quality tissue paper in an official brand name box. Quite often they come with a quality dust bag and there is usually an authenticity card. Though they also can be faked, it's a good sign. Genuine products mostly come with a booklet that describes the quality of your handbag. If there's not one then it's just another sign that it's probably a fake.

Not that long ago fake handbags were easy to spot. Typically they looked like they were made from plastic and had a vague resemblance to the genuine article. But with the stiff competition for grabbing the bargain hunters dollar, quality has actually improved, although the materials used to manufacture these imitations remains a dead giveaway. Top grade leather is usually soft and pliable with a pleasant odour, while the imitation materials tend to bend strangely, and are often misshapen or unevenly colored. Even the designer PVC bags are made of a high quality material where the fakes usually smell awful and are nowhere near as pliable. Also take a good look at the stitching. Unevenness and missed stitches are clearly signs of a fake. Don't forget to take a look inside too. Poor lining material and workmanship are another giveaway.

The label is akin to the signature at the bottom of a painting. It's something that should be carefully sewn in to a bags interior. A cheaply made label or tag, or one that is misspelled or in a font that differs from the official logo is a dead giveaway and your fake alarm should go off. Actually you would be surprised how often the tag or label is misspelled.

When searching for where to buy handbags online things like money back guarantees, authenticity guarantees and warranties are very important. You'll find sites that have been dealing online for years are usually reputable and safe to purchase from. If you're not sure then just do a search and see what other people are saying. We all love a bargain but there's a big difference between cheap handbags and discount handbags. The saying, if the price seems too good to be true then it probably is, applies here.